CMaking a map of the average point spacing

Discussion created by timcollart on Mar 25, 2014
Dear all,

I have a set of point data with x, y, z coordinates (projected to UTM) as a feature class in Arcmap.
I want to calculate the distance of each point to its 3 nearest neighbours in order to calculate for each point what the average distance to its 3 nearest neigbours is. This to eventually make a raster from these averages to create a map displaying the average space between the points. Any suggestions on which tools to use for this kind of calculation? I have access to the spacial analyst and 3d spatial analyst extensions.

In a related study i saw a map of average point spacing being made using Delaunay Triangulation to calculate the average distance between the points, then the average of the distances of the 3 sides of each triangle were plotted in the center of the triangle and then made into a raster in order to make an average point spacing map. I found a way to generate a spatial weight matrix using the Delaunay Triangulation to conceptualize the spatial relationship but i have no idea how i can use this matrix to plot a raster showing the average spacing between the points.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

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