RouteTask Closest Facility

Discussion created by jay.kapalczynski on Mar 25, 2014
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Looking at this example and had a few questions.


1.  I see that it is creating 5 square graphics to route against.  How do I add my own Service here

2.  I dont see how the routing is referencing the Square Graphics added (would like to change this to my own point feature)

3.  Is there anything else I would have to configure on my server?

4.  Do I need to create my own proxy?

        urlPrefix: "route.arcgis.com",  
        proxyUrl: "/sproxy"

closestFacilityTask = new ClosestFacilityTask("http://route.arcgis.com/arcgis/rest/services/World/ClosestFacility/NAServer/ClosestFacility_World");

      registry.byId("numLocations").on("change", function() {
        params.defaultTargetFacilityCount = this.value;