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To publish mosaic dataset: better in SDE or in File GDB?

Question asked by jkraemer on Mar 25, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2014 by jkraemer
I am to publish a mosaic dataset via ArcGIS Server with the Image extension.

Which of ArcSDE or file geodatabase is the more efficient at hosting a mosaic dataset to be served through AGS? I think I've seen a post somewhere proclaiming the advantage of the file GDB for this purpose, and I believe it's mostly due to it keeping the overview rasters out of ArcSDE. Perhaps there's a performance advantage to the file GDB, and other reasons as well, but I'm uncertain. Isn't ArcSDE quite fast at serving rasters, particularly with the AGS Image extension? I'm really puzzled.

Please be aware the ArcSDE geodatabase that hosts the vector data runs on a SQL Server instance shared with a few other departments.

So I'd like some opinions, please, on which database is more likely to serve the imagery faster and why.

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