Import a previously exported map into a map using Android SDK

Discussion created by diamondsoftware on Mar 25, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2014 by sgill-esristaff
What I wish to do seems so absurdly simple, and yet I'm having the devil of a time trying to make it happen. I've already spent at least 12 hours researching, trying, failing, and researching again.  I can only conclude that I do not understand ArcGIS, or the ArcGIS culture and terminology well enough to pose the right question.  It's like being in a foreign country trying to ask somebody directions.  It's really getting frustrating.

My client, for whom I've been charged to create an Android app, has been an ArcGIS user for some time.  Many years ago, his organization created a bike route map for his region.  He has exported it, send it to me and said, "Put this on the Android app I'm having you develop."  His export resulted in the following files: .dbf, .shp, .prj, .spn, .spx, .xml, and .shx files.

He says that it's a simple matter for him to share these exported files to another ArcGIS user, and that that other person can easily import them into his map.

That's all I want to do. 

I have been able to successfully load maps into my Android app; I've added graphics layers; I've done touch popups off of the map.  It's a wonderful tool; and I'm enjoying using it.  The documentation is clear and thorough. 

But I can't figure out how to accomplish this seemingly simple task.