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Configuring the Web Adaptor on Portal

Question asked by HandsomePete on Mar 24, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2014 by HandsomePete
We are working with Portal and Server 10.2.1, on separate virutal machines and we want to federate them.  Both machines have names like "ddtxlivtpa01".  So we have DNS aliases for both, for example "arcserver" and "arcportal."  

My question is: when we configure the web adaptor on each machine, which name should we use, the machine name or the alias? 

Also, when configuring the portal, which names should I use when I federate to the server?  It asks for a service url and an administration url.  For the service url the example is "" and the admin url example is "".  Does the difference mean that you're supposed to use a machine name for one and an alias for the other?