Layer from files

Discussion created by diamondsoftware on Mar 21, 2014
I am an Android programmer, and have been hired by someone who, among other things, is an ArcGIS map-maker. I am really enjoying working with ArcSYS' Android library.  It's thorough, robust, and has an amazing amount of functionality.  It's to Google's map API what a Maserati is to a bicycle.

My client needs me to add a layer of graphics ( ... bike paths (speaking of bicycle's)) that he's created onto a map.  He's given me a set of files (.dbf, prj, sbn, sbx, two .shp's, and an .shx).

This has the feel of being a very easy task ... but I haven't yet been able to find in the documentation and literature how to go about creating a graphics layer from a set of files.  If somebody could just point me in the right direction, it might save me hours and hours of research.