A little help understanding my table (tabulate intersection)

Discussion created by Stefanie.Steinbach on Mar 21, 2014
Hi all,
I have a little problem understanding the table I produced by using the tabulate intersection tool.
What I have are a few hundred polygons as validation data and a few hundred polygons I derived from topography. I now want to estimate the error of the derived data compared to the validation data. The intersect partly, where the intersection area is the accuracy, the falsely derived polygon area is the commission error and the validation area not covered by the area of the derived polygons is the omission error.
What I get in my output table is, for instance, an intersection area of 46,000, while the corresponding validation area is only 2,800. I don't know how these results are produced, but they certainly don't show what I need. Also, the desktop help didn't help me solve this.
If anyone knows how to interpret the table in my case, I'd be happy about any help.