Whats the definition for the properties of the �??GeocodeAddresses�?� service?

Discussion created by russ.nesbitt on Mar 20, 2014
I am working on a batch process to geocode multiple address at once (up to 50,000) or so.  I am using dot net code to call the �??GeocodeServer.GeocodeAddresses�?� service.

I am passing the service address, city, state, and zip.    What I found is that if the zip code is a little off, it will only geocode to  either  �??postal�?� or �??Streetname�?�, not  �??StreetAddress�?� or �??PointAddress�?�. 

What I also found was that if I add a �??PropertySet�?� for the third parm (PropMods) and set the key/value pair �??WritePercentAlongField�?� to true, then it seems to be able to geocode more of the addresses.

Question, where are these properties defined?  I cannot find any documentation about what the all these properties mean.  I found there are 8 properties that can be set (see �??GeocodeServer.GetLocatorProperties�?� to get the list of all 8 properties).