Collector 10.2.2 Offline Syncing:  Syched attachements will not open from desktop

Discussion created by johnnytown23 on Mar 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2014 by LindaMcCafferty
I have been trying to use the collector app offline capabilities.  All seems to work well for the most part.  However I am having an issue with attachments when syncing them back up to my AGOL account.  When I attach a photo in online mode, things work as expected.  I am able to open my web map from my desktop and see my attachment and access the file. It is saved with the file extension .jpg.

When I perform the same action from my ipad in offline mode and sync the map back up, the features are updated and I can see the attachment, but it does not have a file extension and when I try to open it via my browser on my desktop it will not open.  The attachment opens fine on my mobile devices. I cannot open the attachment when I open my feature service in Arc Map either.  The only work around I have found is trying to open the file through arc map, then saving the file and physically typing in .jpg in the file name.  This is far from practical. 

Is this a known bug or can anyone offer a solution?