Geocoder outputs incorrect X,Y coords from input shp

Discussion created by wmckenna on Mar 19, 2014
Aloha everyone,
I've had this geocoder issues for the past two days and can't get my head around why it started or why it's happening...
The geocoder will output incorrect X,Y coords from a shp exported from a HTE database. The shp will display in the proper location within ArcMap but once the address is searched in the geocoder the X,Y valves are incorrect and display the searched address in the wrong location. The coordinate system is WGS_84. I have gone through recreating the geocoder multiple times and the same issue persists. The X,Y coords in HTE are correct and displaying in the correct location. For example, I have a point 47.044519,  -122.822588 that becomes "geocoded" and output to 47.05058622243814  -122.81213816464879

If anyone can solve this geocoding mystery that would be awesome.