Edit Tool error: There was an error executing the query

Discussion created by on Mar 19, 2014
I have an ArcGIS 10.1 mxd, viewing data in ArcSDE 10.1. Two of the layers contain joins to views created with ArcCatalog in the same database as the spatial data.

When editing, if I try to select a feature using either the Edit Tool or Select Features, I get an error returned stating either Edit Tool There was an error executing the query. or Selection There was an error executing the query. depending on which tool I use to select the data.

I've narrowed it down to one of the datasets with a join, Roads.  If I remove the join, no problem, I can select data in that and any other layer freely.  There are no definition queries on the layer nor custom expressions for labeling.  I am stumped.  A search online turned up one other forum topic, but it's not the same issue.

I am stumped with this one.