Exporting footprints from mosaic dataset in grouped layer broken  (10.2)

Discussion created by sbrennan on Mar 19, 2014
Is this a known issue? I could not find it anywhere. It appears that the group layer name is not added to the path when selecting the mosaic dataset in the Input Feature drop down.

To get the error:

  1. Have one? or more mosaic datasets in a group layer.

  2. Right click a grouped mosaic dataset that is not in the top of the list in the group layer and choose Data > Export Data.

  3. The Copy Features tool will come up with either the first mosaic in the group layer as the Input Feature or another mosaic if it exists higher in the Table of Contents hierarchy. It will not be the correct one in any case unless it is the first in the TOC.

  4. Change the Input Feature to the correct mosaic in the drop down.

  5. Red circle with the X will appear next to Input Feature: Error 000732, Dataset does not exist or is not supported.

The workaround is to move the mosaic dataset out of the group layer or manually append the group layer with a trailing backslash to the Input Feature text box drop down. I may have gotten some of the details wrong so I apologize in advance.

EDIT: It may be possible that this is more related to the Copy Feature tool than mosaic datasets in particular.