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Dear friends,

I have the following case:

I have a feature class (within a feature dataset, within a file gdb) with several fields. Two fields are of interest: "Date"(date) and "Type"(string). I want to run statistics on the "Type" field based on "Date" field. Date field has repetitive values, so the table would look like this:
Type          Date

Type1        Date1
Type1        Date2
Type2        Date1
Type2        Date2
Type2        Date1....and so on

So, at the and I have many "Types" distributed in 3-4 different dates. I am trying to calculate how many different "types" occur at each date. For example the output should show:
Date1: 1 Type1 and 2 Type2
Date2: 1 Type1 and 1 Type2.

For this task I thought  I would use the Frequency tool like this:

import arcpy, os, sys
from arcpy import env

d = r"D:\Work\Python\Report\report.gdb"
env.workspace = d
datasetList = arcpy.ListDatasets("", "Feature")
frequencyFields = ["Type"]
summaryFields = ["Date"]
for dataset in datasetList:
    env.workspace = d + "\\" + str(dataset)
    featureList = arcpy.ListFeatureClasses()
    for fc in featureList:
        arcpy.Frequency_analysis(fc, "table_"+fc+".dbf",frequencyFields, summaryFields)

But I get an error: "invalid field type".

Using the arcpy.Statistics_analysis, I get a count of how many features I have for each date but not of what "Type" they are.

Anybody has an idea how could I solve this?

Thank you