importing txt file to the ArcGIS Online

Discussion created by roialga on Mar 18, 2014
I am encountering with a strange problem while importing txt file to the ArcGIS Online.
I followed the ESRI guide about importing txt file as found in-

My files is a comma separated txt file (I have also tried TAB) encoded to UTF-8  With X Y location data, while most of the files are imported successfully some of them do not take all of the rows from the file. I couldn�??t find any difference in the data who can explain the problem.

Two reasons that I know that the data is correct:
1. When I am trying to import it to the old ArcGIS Explorer Online it is working perfectly. 
2. When I am importing the txt file in the exel, save it as csv file, open it with Notepad and save it with the UTF-8 encoding it work perfectly.

If somebody has an idea for an answer it would be very helpful.
Thank you,
Roi Algaviash.