license issues

Discussion created by dougcurl on Mar 18, 2014
Latest reply on May 19, 2014 by salival
Having trouble understanding the licensing for Portal for ArcGIS v10.2.1 - I installed Portal, have an ArcGIS for Server Advanced Enterprise license, yet the Portal extension does not show up in the list of extensions available when I do the Software Authorization. And, of course, when I go to the "Portal for ArcGIS website" (sent to after I install), I get a the "Software Authorization" screen that says "Portal for ArcGIS does not have a valid license".

I have contacted my ESRI license manager person for my organization, and I didn't get a clear answer on what is needed (he thought that Portal for ArcGIS and Geoportal were the same thing - and didn't understand much beyond that).

Can someone please explain how the licensing works to get Portal for ArcGIS running on my server? I thought it was like every other extension for ArcGIS Server, but apparently not?