Spline with Barrier in the Model, "could not convert string to float"

Discussion created by jedd937 on Mar 18, 2014
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I have been working on this model for some time and would like to think that the upgrade to 10.2.1 from 10.1 did not cause any problems within the model or the data. The model I have created had been used successfully on previous occasions with the same data however, now I try to run the whole model and the first interpolation process (Spline with Barrier) hits a snag, saying:

Start Time: Tue Mar 18 11:03:22 2014
Executing (Spline with Barriers 25Bathy): SplineWithBarriers "CLINTON HARBOR, CT: PROCESSING\ClintonBathyPts" Depth_m "CLINTON HARBOR, CT: PROCESSING\ClintonHarbor_Bound" 25 "C:\Databases\Temp\EELGRASS FINAL REPORT TEMP 2013\scratch.gdb\ClintonBathy25" 0
Start Time: Tue Mar 18 11:03:23 2014
Running script SplineWithBarriers...
could not convert string to float: CLINTON
Completed script SplineWithBarriers...
Failed to execute (Spline with Barriers 25Bathy).
Failed at Tue Mar 18 11:03:25 2014 (Elapsed Time: 2.02 seconds)
Failed to execute (Model6222).
Failed at Tue Mar 18 11:03:25 2014 (Elapsed Time: 3.39 seconds)

The z-value field for the interpolation is already a float field. I have successfully run the interpolation with the same input and barrier data, inside the model in editing mode. Any thoughts on why it would not work when I run the model parameter from the tool window rather than in editing mode?