ArcGIS 10.1 Server background service with SDE and Oracle Spatial

Discussion created by ddurgaprasad on Mar 18, 2014
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We have below task and require help on appropriate option to choose:

1)Oracle 11g has feature classes with SDO geometry
2)At this point,we have ArcObjects(Desktop) code that connects to Oracle using SDE
3)We do some complex geoprocessing and write back the results to Oracle

Here is what we want to achieve:
1)Provide an UI to clients on Browser(with No ESRI tools installed on that machine)
2)Client connects to ArcGIS Server-which in turn connects to Oracle RDBMS server
3)Complex Geoprocessing has to be performed in the background and Client gets a notification of success/failure log in the browser
We are newbie in ArcGIS Server scripting and came across many options :
-ArcGIS Server web services
-Python scripts on the server(can client from browsers access this service ?)

Is it sufficient to have ArcGIS Server SDK OR is it required to have ArcEngine also ?