Field Enricher with Multiple Matches

Discussion created by morganeverett on Mar 17, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2014 by rsunderman-esristaff
I'm using the GeoEvent Processor to send out XMPP messages with an output when I get a new feature added to a layer that is inside a particular GeoFence.

I have everything working great on that with my GeoServices using a Filter to get features that match a certain criteria, a processor using GeoTag to add the GeoFence, and another processor to join the GeoFence to another layer and get values from it, and send to XMPP.

The scenario I'm using is a PTZ camera with presets defined on a polygon layer, and when a new feature is in one of the presets, I get an XMPP message about it.

It works great, UNTIL I have overlapping presets and when it gets to my Joining Processor to Field Enrich off of the existing preset (polygon layer) it isn't enriching the field with data because it is either delimited, group or list of matching values and it doesn't enrich the data properly so therefore I don't get data in my message.

How do I use a Field Enricher when I'm matching multiple GeoFences? Anyone with ideas? I can send more details if it isn't clear.

Thanks in advance.