NLCD (National Land Cover Database) 2006 - % Land use values at the county level ?

Discussion created by sdalsal on Mar 17, 2014
Thanks for all your assistance in advance. I would appreciate all the help I can get as I am not an expert GIS user. I have a 12 state study region with 1042 counties. I like to be able to create a dataset that illustrates % land use at the county level. Using my study region shape file (county name, fips, state name, etc.) and NLCD 2006 raster files available at, I would like to create something like this:

State    County   FIPS  developed (open space)   developed (low intensity)  pasture/hay   cultivated crops   impervious surface 
MI    County 1                     12%                           2%                         1%                  5%                     10%
MI    County 2   
MI    County 3   
MI    County 4   

I was hoping to find the most direct and accurate route to represent the % land use values at the county level: (developed open space area / county area) x 100, etc. I tried zonal statistics table using 2006 NLCD Land Cover Change raster and my shape file, the results did provide statistics at a county level for all the changes, without identifying the land use categories.