euclidean allocation error- tried many times, still does not work

Discussion created by mengdajia on Mar 14, 2014
Hi everyone,

I was just using the spatial analyst function on ArcMap, both the euclidean distance and euclidean direction functions work very well. But when it comes to euclidean allocation, it just did not work, with error 010419 and 010414 every time. I am sure my operations are good because I tried on other's computer and it worked. But for my own laptop, it did not.

Also, the error message read "Unable to build attribute table for... (file name)" in error 010419, but the "file name" is not even the one I named when I set all the information in the allocation window (in "output allocation raster" tab). Then the execution broke every time there.

Is there anybody know why is it happen and maybe the possible solutions for that? It's driving me crazy for such an error. And I really don't wanna reinstall the whole software as it's too complicated.

Thanks in advance!