Cause for older API version to suddenly stop working, generating errors?

Discussion created by schlot on Mar 14, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2014 by jeff.pace
I have an older site that was based on the 3.2 version of the API library.  It's been working fine for the past year or so.  Today I got an email that the site is not working.  I've made no changes on this end.  I am getting errors that one of the buttons that's within a border container doesn't have a region set.  When I commented that out, just to see what would happen, the next component generated the same type of error.

Are the older locations still available and is it not OK to assume these will still be in place for longer than a year?  This site isn't that old.

This is an example of the path I had in my code.  It was valid at the time I wrote it."

The URL to the site is http://