Mosaic dataset - Arcpy  and data from multiple dates

Discussion created by couret2011 on Mar 14, 2014
firstly, please accept my apologies for the use a Translator, my English is not enough.

Subject: more than 11,000 daily on Africa (same extent) images of rainfall.
Name files = xxxxxxxxYYYYMMDD.tif

my aim:
1) extract the data of rainfall for an area bounded by a polygon, for a given period (e.g. from 01/01/2008 to 31/03/2010), then grouped (sum/mean) by years and/or months and/or 10j... with output in a summary table.
(I built a python script (python toolkit) using files located in a folder and that works even if the code is far from being "clean".)
2) perform a weekly automatic update of files from the web source.
I have not yet analyzed this part and will be the subject of another post.  But I'm interested information/samples

My questions:
Wanting to share all the files, I've built a mosaic dataset, as advocated by ESRI, and I followed the sample for temporal data, but I did not intend (for the moment) to use it with an ArcGisOnline service:
(Creation of the annual mosaics + master mosaic dataset)

(1) is this structure of dataset right for what I want to do?
(I did not intend (for the moment) to use it with an ArcGisOnline service)

(2) from the master mosaic dataset, how can I access the files directly to a selection?
I have found as a simple command that the creation of the paths of any base in a .dbf (ExportRasterCatalogPaths_management(master mosaic dataset) file.
(This table I can then analyze it in the same way as when my python script, by analysis of the characters of the names of the files to select dates.)

- Are there other methods?
Nowhere in the dataset I have found indication enabling me to connect the "Name" field with "field" indicating the path and therefore the corresponding file.

- Should I add fields Year/Month/Day or date in the annual mosaics for use in a query?

Thanking you in advance for your answers, information or idea.

Kind regards

Couret Daniel