What is the most efficient (best) way to uniquely identify a feature on a arcMap

Discussion created by rickeyttom on Mar 13, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2014 by Neil
I need to store a reference to a selected feature that a user selects on the arcDesktop.

At first, we proceeded this the assumption that the layerClassID and the featureOID uniquely identifies a feature on an ArcMap setup.

It turns out that layer classID are unique only to the datasource (e.g., gdb).
The same classid can be used in multiple data sources.
This is clearly showin in the MillersRanch.mxd sample.
9 is streets in Pulbic_works.gdb and Lakes in Planning.gdb.

So it seems that I many have to store a some unique identifiere for the datasource.
What is that identifier.

Do I have to store the name of the database (Public_works.gdb).
what is the API to get at this in general, lets say the data is in SQLServer?

Basically, what is the best way to uniquely (Globally) identify a feature on a map for all sources of data.