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Discussion created by edugis8 on Mar 13, 2014
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Guys hope u can help me.

the situation is the following, i have vector layers in a map, and i inserted new points that i took the gps coordinates from real position.

After insertion the layers are not even near each other, and i see that my layer has the right coordinates in the bottom right corner (62....,58.....), but the other layers that i got from other source that are from the same place are around (38.....,37....).

So the projection, i chose wgs 84 southern hemisphere 21s. i dont know if the other layers are this projection, most probably not.

how can i resolve this, for example find the right projection, or how can i move entire objects (lines, points) to new coordinates, convert coordinates, whatever. Because what i seen is that to see the objects, they all have to have the same projection the top layer has, right?

can you help me?

thanks guys
cheers eduardo