Network Dataset based on a data view

Discussion created by suec on Jul 16, 2010
We are just beginning to look at creating a street network dataset.  We have a street feature class that is in our SDE production database used for daily editing.  Then it is replicated as a View into our SDE publication database.  This view contains the production feature class, joined to a street names table, and also some fields are turned off for public viewing.

My question is can a network dataset be based on the data View?  Will nightly replication from the production feature class require nightly building of the network?  Should the network dataset be based on the production feature class and the data View created from that?

Also, can the network attributes needed (ie costs, restrictions, etc) live in a separate table that can be joined to the street feature class when needed?

Thanks for any insight anyone can offer.  We want to do this right the first time!