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Windows Server 8 .net and GIS Services

Question asked by jasonlouis on Mar 12, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2014 by crafty762
Hello all.  I ran a search and did not find answers to these, so if I missed questions already answered, I apologize. 

I am a student under pressure to get my master's project done so time is of the essence.  I have been tasked with setting up a web server for displaying some data (something I have no training in, whatsoever).  Through my school, I was given access to a temporary copy of Win Server 8 and ArcGIS Server.  We are now on spring break, but time is so short I really cant wait for it to get back in session to get answers to my questions so any help y'all could provide would be very appreciated.

For this, I have created a VM and loaded Win Server 8 onto it.  It seemed to go flawlessly until I read the requirements for ArcGIS Server.  The 3.5 .net framework is not loaded into the OS.  I have tried to load this but it does not find the files in the \source\sxs folder as in the windows directions.  My first question is whether there is another place it can be found or a way to make ArcGIS Server run without it?

My second question regards the setup of ArcGIS Server.  According to the online help found here...

I should see a "GIS Services setup program".  Now, I am accessing the data for this installation off a server at school but I would think I should still see everything in the same place as everyone else.  There are .exe files but nothing that even hints at being a GIS Services setup.  Is this really necessary? Should I be able to install the app without this?

Once again, thank y'all for any assistance you can provide.  Any hints/help/feedback is appreciated.