How to export a slope model

Discussion created by esromjr on Mar 12, 2014
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Good morning,

I have a DTM and I generated the slope, now I need to export a slope model in ASCII format. I haven't found a solution so far.
I tried to export in BIL format and then open in Global Mapper to convert to ASCII, but when I open the file, an error appears with the message: Invalid pixel size for data file.
I used a cell size of 0.5 m and 8-bit pixel depth.
However, when I use a cell size of 1 m, Global Mapper opens the file, but with the message: "The characteristics of the data set File_name.bil could not be automatically determined. Specify the type of the data by pressing the appropriate button below. YES - elevation data (i. e. DEM) or NO - raster image data (i. e. aerial photo)".
The correct button, in my case, would be NO, because I'm interested in generating an 8-bit ASCII file, but if I click this button, the window shows nothing but a black square.
If I click YES, the result is like a DTM with integer values in steps.
I would like to know if anyone could help me solve this.

I don't know if I made myself clear.
Thank you.