Presenting a geographic discovery tool for books based on the shortlist template

Discussion created by bennoeske on Mar 11, 2014
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Hello all,

I would like to present a story map based on the shortlist template:

This map displays books within my library's juvenile collection, based on the geographic subject headings assigned to those books in the library catalog. The idea is to provide an alternative way for children and teachers to find books about places of interest to them.

I modified the template to bypass the intermediate popup and go straight to the detail box. Because this makes it more difficult to determine where items are located if the user clicks on one of the tiles in the left hand pane, I modified it further so that mousing over one of the tiles causes the corresponding marker symbol to pop out.

I am a version or two behind on the official shortlist template. I hope to update my template soon to get it back in synch.

Any feedback welcome!

Ben Noeske

p.s. I ended up creating 999 blue and green marker symbol icons. Generally I think this many would cause way too much clutter. But if anybody really needs them I'd be happy to share. I can also create new sets with relatively little difficulty, if you would like a different color...