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Discussion created by acbardin on Mar 11, 2014
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A am making hundreds of plat maps using parcel data. Many of the maps have several parcels per map. Each parcel needs to be a seperate color and I would like to use the same colors so the maps will have a standardized look. However the parcels are always different values so label files have not worked. I tried to add a field to my data, that denotes the parcels 1 through x and assigning the numbers 1 though 10 colors through a layer file, but then I would need to change the symbol description so that the parcel number will be listed with in the legend.

Once that is done I am exporting these maps to PDF. Essentially I would like to have a script that would automate the whole process from the data, and automatically export the maps. Everything seems do-able except the issue with not being able to use my own colors. Can anyone provide a solution or advice. Thanks