Boundary Realignment Map with Adjustment Changes

Discussion created by tysonbarlow on Mar 11, 2014
Hi all!

I'm looking for guidance on any resources that are available (people, sites, templates) that could help me make an interactive online map for our school district's boundary realignment process.

My vision for the map is to create polygon features with a number attribute attached to each polygon feature. The number would represent the number of students living within that particular shape/area. A user would then be able to assign the various polygons to specific school boundaries, and as shapes are added/taken away from each school boundary, the total student number for that school is updated.

I'm not completely unaware of the possibility that this type of project might require a 3rd party hire, but hope that someone can give me some insight or tips on how to make this happen.

If I've failed to explain myself properly, please let me know!  Thanks!