Cannot register a license for ArcGIS Engine 10.1 on linux host with Intel ethernet HW

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I have problem to get my license for ArcGIS Engine 10.1 authorized on Linux host RedHat 6.5.
All reqired software installed an pre reqirement check says everything is OK.
After som investigation i found that the culpit seems to be that the network interface on
my linux host are named "em1" ( Intel ethernet hardware ) instead of eth0 and software for authorizing seems to have hardcoded
ethernet interfaces who's name are supposed to be named eth0 or eth1.
The failing code seems to be in ArcGISAdmin_libFNP.dll och SoftwareAuthorization_libFNP.dll
and source code is Source_Linux_Ethernet.cpp.
Are there any workarounds for this bug?

Regards Mats Röjestål
Metria AB