Why I'm staying with 10.1 forever

Discussion created by brenth on Mar 10, 2014
Last week I had the occasion to test out ArcGIS Server 10.2.1 on my site.  They had the web site down anyway, so I decided I had time to uninstall 10.1 and install 10.2.1.  Here is my experience:

1.  I installed all the way to where Server Manager asks for the config-store directory, etc.  I entered my directory and it said it was already in use and would not use it.  FAIL - No upgrade path.

2.  So I entered another directory and proceeded to rebuild each service one by one.  After analyzing the first MXD, I was given an error that the data location was not registered.  OK, similar to 10.1.  When I registered the data, I got an unintelligible form that gave no indication of how to proceed.  In 10.1 you just type in a keyword - apparently in 10.2.1 you have to re-connect to all your data?  FAIL - New forms with no help docs.

3.  Continuing on, I got to an MXD that included a spatial view.  The spatial view uses the same connection as the underlying layer, but, upon analyzing, it insisted on asking me to register my data.  In 10.1 you just double-click the error line and the register form pops up - reanalyze and you're good.  In 10.2.1. you double-click the line and it removes the layer from the map!  FAIL - Changing the MXD.  Remember all of this worked fine in 10.1.

4.  Instead of finishing with that MXD, I went to another one - An MXD that contains ONLY an aerial photo.  Imagine my surprise when analyze says that is an error!!??  FAIL - Not allowed to publish aerial photo MXD's.

At this point I just threw in the towel.  Within an hour, I had uninstalled 10.2.1, reinstalled 10.1.  It was happy to accept my config-store directory.  It liked my spatial views and aerial photos and knew all about the data location registration already.  10.1 WE LOVE YOU.

I am content to read about the reasons for these "features" in the responses to this post.  I will not be "experiencing" ArcGIS Server 10.2.1 again.