Project Raster tool projecting to BLM UTM Zone 16N instead of UTM Zone 16N

Discussion created by merebears on Mar 10, 2014
I have been having issues projecting rasters where I need to set them to project to UTM Zone 16N and then modify the projection to be in US Foot.  When this is done on one computer it automically projects to the BLM UTM Zone 16N, when done on a separate computer it keeps it as UTM Zone 16N.  I need the rasters to remain in UTM Zone 16N with US Foot and not BLM UTM Zone 16N.  Are there certain settings I need to check on the computer that is projecting to BLM and change it so it stops doing that?  It didn't do this before.  It just recently became a problem so if anyone knows of what settings I need to take a look at to change please let me know.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.