Real 3D DEM interpretation via 3D screen?

Discussion created by glurback on Mar 10, 2014
Dear all,

We are now in the 3dimensional technology era. However, the "3D" displayed on our screens is still in 2D.
Photogrammetry develloped last century allowed us to work with aerial photo & stereoscopy in order to generate/interpret DEMs.

Today we do have great DEM datasets (ASTER, SRTM, LIDAR...), nice 3D screens but no way to use them together?With the appearence of 3D screens, how comes that no solution for real time 3D display hasn't been implemented? And not only for the display!
The advantages of working in real 3D environments is obvious as it would allow you to work/digitize feature that you can clearly see whith adequate a rasters drapped on topo. Seeing such scenes in real 3D would be a great asset for:

- 3D modelling
- Geological & Structural interpretations
- Anomalic feature immediate perception
- Detailed topographic interpretation/watershed corrections

I would like to know if I missed something or if any mad scientist develloped that in his cave or whatever?

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