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Editor tools remain greyed out after I start editing

Question asked by blkmajk on Mar 8, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2014 by blkmajk
I am trying to create polygons to go into an empty feature class in a personal geodatabase.  I am using ArcMap 9.3 with an ArcInfo license.  Unfortunately, I am very inexperienced.  The map document has three geodatabases with feature classes from each.  Two are file geodatabases and the third is a personal geodatabse that I created.  I have at least one layer from each geodatabase set as selectable and have confirmed that there is a checkmark next to it.  When I go to the editor tool and select Start editing the popup asks me whih geodatabase I want to start editing from.  I select one and hit ok and then nothing happens.  The editor tools are still greyed out.  Is this a permissions problem with the layers?  How can I check and/or change permissions?  If not, then what might it be?