Requirements - GIS enterprise geocoding solution behind firewall in a private cloud

Discussion created by Ernestocd on Mar 7, 2014
What are the general requirements if an organization wants to implement a GIS enterprise geocoding solution behind the firewall in a private cloud?
�?� ArcGIS for Desktop �?? to view spatial data, create, manipulate (edit) and manage GIS datasets, perform spatial analyses, create automated process (geoprocessing models), perform tasks (such as geocoding)
�?� ArcGIS for Server to create, manage, and publish any custom GIS web map, application, data, geocoding, and/or geoprocessing services.
�?� Portal for ArcGIS extension to have the same technology as ArcGIS Online, but it is deployed on-premises (behind the firewall in a private cloud) on the organization�??s network or private cloud. (I believe this requires an ArcGIS Online Subscription account, right?)
�?� Data Appliances for ArcGIS - The appliance provides terabytes of worldwide basemaps and reference layers, along with geocoding and routing services on a preloaded, network-attached storage device that plugs into an organization�??s internal network. The content layers and related services are the same as those available through ArcGIS Online.
�?� ArcGIS Online account plus additional credits (read 3rd bullet)
�?� ArcGIS Web Mapping APIs �?? Specifically, JavaScript, to customize web applications

What does this mean?
�?� It�??s important to note that in contrast to ArcGIS Online, Portal for ArcGIS requires the organization to administer and manage the services on their on-premises server.