What does Geodesic = true mean when buffering with a projected coordinate system?

Discussion created by taedrin on Mar 6, 2014
I am somewhat confused by the API reference for BufferParameters.  It is quite clear that if I am trying to buffer a geometry in a geographic/unprojected coordinate system, that I need to set geodesic = true in order to get a result with accurate distances. 

But what is not explained is what setting geodesic = true does when buffering a geometry in a projected coordinate system.  Is Geodesic = true ignored in a projected coordinate system resulting in a buffer which never takes into account the distortions of the projection?  Or will the buffer operation always try to correct for distortions?

If the spatial reference in question uses a projected coordinate system, can I create accurate buffers by projecting to a spatial reference with a geographic spatial reference?

Or am I just completely and utterly confused?

Thanks and sorry for my ignorance.