2 way replication from multiple feature datasets into one feature dataset

Discussion created by JoeRat on Mar 6, 2014
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We are currently running 10.2 suite. Enterprise using sql server

I have SDE DB using the Local Government Informational Model schema.  For those not familiar with this model feature classes are stored in feature datasets of a similar type. i.e. - parcels and parcel boundaryies are in one feature dataset and Zoning, land use type feature classes are in another feature dataset.  This structure has its advantages but also disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that we can not set up a topology between these FC.  My solution for that was to have another sde db that would have all of the fc that need to participate in the topology in one dataset then set up replication between the two dbs.  When I try to set up the replication it will not let me include FC from different Feature Datasets. Am I missing something?  I feel that the documentation indicates that this is possible.  Can anyone help?