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creating volume from total station

Question asked by on Mar 5, 2014
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I have some total station points in x,y,z (.txt) file that I want to make a 3D shape and create a volume from.  The points are taken in small basins (as small as 50 gallons) and I do not need any spatial reference to the surrounding area, just strictly trying to find volume of a 3D surface made from these points.  So far I've kind of figured out some of the tools to use, like Surface Volume Analyst in the 3D analyst toolbar, but I'm having trouble putting it all into a process from start to finish.  Can any pros here help make sense of this?  I have no problem getting the points into ArcGIS, but I am having trouble correctly interpolating and making a surface that I can then calculate volume from.  Also, I'm using ArcMap 10.1.  Thanks for any comments!