multiscaled 3D Digital Warehouse including statistics on multiple levels

Discussion created by dennis_wierenga on Mar 5, 2014
Hi There,

I am a parttime UNIGIS student (recently started) and work in logistics at the European distribution center for a large car company
I am trying to get my company interested in investing/using GIS posibilities and in order to do so need some visuals of examples of the following:

I want to show them the possibilities of creating a digital version of our actual warehouse (approximately 150.000 locations/stocked parts divided over 5 buildings, each with several lanes and four to 9 stories high)

our company is especially interested in analyzing densities (history, current expected and optimal)
But I do believe there can be many more advantages by creating a digital warehouse...
(ideal routing, safetyroutes, anyone who can make more additions please feel free)

Now I would like to show some animation of such a digital warehouse (or a similar entity) in which you can view data in total, per building, lane or location (zoom in on multilevel) and per level can have the data (e.g. density, size, weight, partnumberinfo etc) available
I've tried looking on Youtube and google but can't seem to find what I am really looking for
does anyone knwo where I can find something like this?

Thanks in advance