Issue for Geoprocessing Services without a result

Discussion created by dewright_ca on Mar 4, 2014
Sorry for the cross-post, trying for the best answer....

We have built in ArcGIS Server 10.0sp5 a series of workflows that take raw data and and create a component of later steps by using some highly normalized python classes. Here is a example workflow:

1. Create Work Item with Ticket number, load CSV data to DB (via SSIS) in Staging Table
2. Call Step 1 script from agent using REST Endpoint passing in ticket number
3. Step 1 parses Staging table into seperate categories to be handed off to Geocoder Step 2.
4. Step 2 executes looping through geocoders to populate tables for use in Step 3.
5. Step 3 executes and extracts from each Step 2 table the matched and unmatched records to be passed to Step 4.
6. Step 4 etc...

As you can see this is all workflow driven, and the use of the classes to structure the process has me not using a normal Geoprocessing Result as you see in ArcGIS 10.1/10.2 as you need to publish a service.

Should I really have to totally disassemble a highly tuned working process to migrate to 10.2.x? Is there better guidance from ESRI for using common-classes in py to create complex systems?