returning data for layers along a line

Discussion created by viletbounnam on Mar 4, 2014
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Hi everyone,
What I have is elevation data downloaded from in an arcgrid format and interpolated surface temperature data from ncdc in a shapefile.  I have these two layers displayed in arcmap 10.2 along with a third shapefile that contains line features.  What I need to do is pick points along these line features in 1 mile increment and return the elevation and temperature data at those points.  I've been doing this manually by using the identify tool and clicking along the line.  This has definitely been a painful process and I would like to speed this process up with a script that would be able to move along the line feature and return the data to a textfile or another file format that can be stored and viewed later.  I have very limited experience with ArcGis and GIS as a whole.  I do have a background in development using .NET and some Python.  Has anyone had to do something like this that could get me started in getting a script to automate my process?