AIXM 5.1 WFS 2.0

Discussion created by chaso17 on Mar 4, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2014 by aeronauticalsolutionteam-esristaff
I am a representative of Georgian ANSP. At present moment we are working on implementation of local Air Navigation Database working in AIXM 5.1 format. We have an extension of Arc GIS called GIS for Aviation, which supports interoperability with database working in AIXM 5.1 environment using WFS 1.1. Unfortunately WFS 1.1 does not support AIXM 5.1 data transfer. For mentioned format of data it is mandatory to use WFS 2.0 interface. As we know you are working on this issue but the date of release is not known yet. Can you clarify, is there any other solution to connect your software(ArcGIS AIS geodatabase) to AIXM 5.1 database with WFS 2.0?