Error code: 000594: Input feature <value>: <value>.

Discussion created by grappler4life on Jul 15, 2010
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I have 4 point files that i want to merge. I keep getting the following error message. Please help.

000594: Input feature <value>: <value>.
Description:  These specific input feature(s) require attention.

This often occurs when features are positioned outside the current XY Domain environment. The XY Domain environment sets the allowable coordinate range for x, y coordinates. If a feature falls outside of this range, it can not be added to the output. In addition, with some tools such as Append, which have a target dataset, if the features of the inputs fall outside the XY Domain of the target, they also not be added.

Similiarly, the M Domain and Z Domain limit the coordinate range for m and z coordinates.

Solution: Check the XY Domain, M Domain, and Z Domain environments, and reset them to 'Same as Input' if they are too restrictive for your input(s).

If the using tool like Append, check the coordinate system of the target dataset and if unknown define a coordinate system for the feature class. Also, consider creating a new feature class with a broader XY Domain if the current XY Domain is too restrictive.