Export selected features in model builder

Discussion created by Lady_Jane on Jul 15, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2010 by Lady_Jane
Hi everyone, I'm running out of things to try here and would appreciate any help :)

The first step in my model is to select features and export them.  I use the "make feature layer" tool along with a query to select features.  Then I use the "copy features" tool to make the output permanent.  This step works great.

Final step is to do the same selection as the first step based on the same field, which has been recalculated, export the data, and add and calculate a couple more fields.

If I use make feature layer, copy features, I get an error saying "An expected field was not found or could not be retrieved properly" when it tries to copy features.
Select Layer by Attribute causes the first step to produce this error
Using the "select" tool also produces the same error.

I think this is somehow caused by my adding and calculating fields later on but I don't know why.