State Lands management within GIS

Discussion created by rmuellerjr03 on Mar 3, 2014
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Outside of the Indiana State Land Office, there are a couple other States that have specific land office (New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana) that specifically deal with past and present state owned/managed land parcels. I'm curious if there are other state government agencies that deal with state-wide parcel/property information as a state-wide dataset, or if the task is left to a conglomeration of state agencies to track and publish that information individually? I am in charge of the Indiana State Land Office as a single resource to maintain a dataset pertaining to current land parcels (6000+) and another for surplused parcels (1000+), including state run: parks, prisons, and hospitals, as well as associated data tables.

My next question for those in single resource positions - how are you dealing with coincident boundaries, mineral/surface rights, partial parcel sales, referencing surveys and other old documents? We have been moving towards an abridged version of the ESRI's Parcel Fabric since it seems to address these issues, however the model was intended for (almost) seamless county/city information and less for datasets that are contiguous within a property, but property are spread out throughout the state.