Unable to complete operation issue in 10.2

Discussion created by lesleykarunathilaka on Mar 2, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2014 by jeff.pace
hi all ,
i m facing Unable to complete operation
here is my function to query the map server service.

function queryRetailers() {
              var random = (new Date()).getTime();

              var query = new Query();
              var queryTask = new QueryTask("........../rest/services/Places/MapServer/0");
              queryTask.DisableClientCaching = true;            
              query.outSpatialReference = { wkid: 4326 };
              query.returnGeometry = true;
              query.outFields = ["*"];
              query.where = " [RetName] = 'Lesley' AND " + random + "=" + random;           
              queryTask.execute(query, featureSetAddToMapSucess, featureSetAddToMapError);             


when query execute it always throw Unable to complete operation. 400
here i have tried
1. doing dirty the query.
2. disable client cashing .
and still  no luck.i went through the forum and  doing query in post was mentioned in some answers and i have no idea on that.
Can some one  explain me the solution for this bcz it wasted my two days of work now