Help with merging two ArcGIS sample projects together

Discussion created by foleyjefftrial on Mar 2, 2014
Hi Guys,

I'm a total novice when it comes to ArcGIS and Android Development but I was hoping someone on this forum may be able to help me out.

So I downloaded and got the sample projects: Geometry Editor & WebMap Popup Editing both to work.

But what I want to do is merge both of these samples to allow me to add or draw new features on my map (like the geometry editor sample allows) but then when I click on feature I also want a popup container to appear that allows me to edit that particular features details (As done in the WebMap Popup sample).

I attempted to do this myself however I seem to be getting confused on why the geometry editor sample references 3 distinct feature servers where as the Webmap popup sample only references a single WebMap.

I'm not sure if there's any samples or tutorials out there for this but I would really really appreciate it if someone could help me out on this, or at least point me in a direction where I could learn more on it.

Thanks a lot ,