Inventory of Water and Sewerage network, NEED HELP

Discussion created by mh.dabrowski on Mar 1, 2014
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Dear all,

I need some help in inventory of water and sewerage network. The inventory consists in calibration analog maps of infrastructure, digitizing all objects in network and describe particular objects by attributes. General attributes is about 40 apply for every objects and about 6-15 attributes dedicated to particular objects. Amount of general attributes like project manager, documentation, year o building, evidence number etc. is constant for all objects + special attributes dedicated is variable for any objects.

The question is how to organize process of describe object by attributes. Is there any option in ArcGIS to define some class of object? There will be about 16 different objects (points, lines and polygon).  For example I mark point object, and I would like to choose from define class list one class which will be added to object and automatically extend data base for this point for blank data base dedicated to this object, the I will need to fill data base and describe object. Additionally for some attributes I have only 4 option to choose one. Or one of attribute has about 50 options to choose (dimensions) and must be used only option provided by client, the same exactly content.  Is there any helpful option to use drop-down list (define option of attribute to choose only one).

For several object it is obvious and easy to do by many different solutions, but taking into account 10 000 �?? 20 000 objects and describe it by many attributes (data in technical documentation, in many times hard to find data, because it is old data�?�)
Next problem is that points objects for example 7 types will have different amount of attributes (40 general + dedicated) and if we merge data base of particular points (shp) there will be big mess. The same problem in lines and polygon objects.

Have you got any idea how to solve this problem? Is there any maybe plugin to ArcGIS or maybe some another software solution to do this, clearly, fast and with good quality.

We are thinking about system of work. One person is rectifying, we will work on old maps and we will not have any coordinates, we will use only name of streets and particular objects like buildings, infrastructure. The same man will digitize objects and save project. Next person will fill in data base by descriptions taken from technical documentation, specification, maps, sketches etc.

Thanks for answer.