Repeated Outages on ArcGIS Online

Discussion created by meblanc2 on Feb 28, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2014 by pml
We have several public maps web applications available for our citizens.  Recently, I've noticed an increase in the number of complaints I have received because a map won't load or errors pop up (about layers not available).  I know we had an SSL issue this morning but this is a different issue as it is affecting ALL my maps (https and http).  Usually it is resolved by the time I've tested a number of things and reach for the phone to call ESRI.  However, now (this afternoon), it is lasting significantly longer.

Anybody else experiencing these issues?  I've eliminated our firewall from the equation as the outages impact devices/computers behind the firewall and those that bypass it.

And I always check the Health Dashboard and it usually has nothing to report.

Any help is appreciated!